NEW Dreambox & Wixie Login Info!

September 29, 2017

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How to Access Dreambox or Wixie with Personal Devices

Clever is a new book marking portal that stores students' accounts, so they only have to log in to one place.  This year Wixie and Dreambox have been added to students' Clever accounts. In order for Wixie & Dreambox to work on tablets, students must download all three apps: Clever, Wixie & Dreambox. (Dreambox Green is for primary students and Dreambox Blue is for upper grades.)  Students log on to the Clever App to get to Dreambox or Wixie using tablets. There is no longer a special school code. When they log on to Clever, a box pops up asking them to type in their school. If students are using Windows based laptops or computers, they should access Dreambox or Wixie from the Resources page of our school website.

What is Dreambox?

Dreambox is an individualized math resource program that provides students with concept based math learning using manipulatives in a virtual environment.  Terra Centre's wonderful PTA purchased a site license so all students can participate in this math program. To learn more, click Dreambox.

Dreambox directions chart

What is Wixie?

Wixie is a publishing and creativity program that lets students share what they know through writing, digital drawings, recording their voice, and sharing their art. Teachers can create curriculum based assignments for students to complete in their Wixie accounts. This program is purchased by FCPS for all students in K-5.

Chart describing what Wixie is